Vendors of OBD cables and plugs

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  • AC3 sells ODBII cables, connectors, and interfaces
  • Atek makes custom OBD-II cable assemblies with a wide variety of OBD-II male and female connectors
  • EvoScan sells enhanced OBDII USB Cables, for reprogramming and datalogging Mitsubishi and Subaru performance vehicles.
  • OBD@Cables sells OBDII cables
  • OBD2-Shop sells OBD II cables, connectors and plugs
  • JM Diagnostics sells OBDII cables, connectors, plugs, and software
  • Sensolutions sells ODBII cables, connectors, and interfaces
  • Sorion Electronics sells production OBD connectors and test equipment
  • OBDKey sells OBDII Bluetooth and USB 2.0 interface units
  • Digimoto sells ODBII scan tools, Code Readers, and OBDII software
  • PerformanceScan Makers of the Digimoto Software line we sell our software alone as well as with the mOByDic hardware
  • Özen Elektronik LTD Manufacturer of automotive service equipment, including the mOByDic OBDII and EOBD Tester, ECU Simulators, exhaust gas analyzers, smoke meters, engine cleaner, A/C recycling recharging devices, injector testers and customer specific automotive test devices.
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