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1998 Mitsubushi Legnum VR4 Type S

Prior to dvd being added

Front screen

Current system: AMD 1.1ghz 250GB HDD Bluetooth (used with bluetooth GPS receiver) 10.4" VGA Touchscreen 2 x 7" headrest LCD's DVD drive Onboard sound card 5.1channel PCI sound card Nvidia XGL380 64MB AGP Video card dual output Netgear wireless network card

I used the 205W DC-DC power supply from Jaycar $99 works a treat although no start up and shutdown control.

Well I have gone down the more mainstream route and the system runs on Windows XP Pro which has had some stripping done to it. Using Centrafuse 2 as my frontend.

I have had my fair share of trouble along the way and consider it to still being a work in progress. Currently working on getting dual video output running.

So far I have the following running without trouble: Music (mp3) Video (mpg, wmv, divx) Navigation using navigator maps

Still to get working properly: Mobile phone hands free Rear screens playing DVD's while I have other displayed on front screen.

Would like to add another battery to prevent engine cranking powering off pc. Would also like to automate start up and shutdown.

All in all it is a work in progress and a on going project, learning more and more as I go.

PS Pics to be added soon

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