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My Car
  • Owner: Noisymime
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Cortina
  • Type: Mk2
  • Year: 1969
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Engine: 1600 Kent

This car has slowly been built up as a bit of a toy for competition use. Both of us working on it love old cars, but being an electronic engineer and programmer by trades, we tend to add a few extras here and there.

Completed Mods:

  • Homemade Arduino based rally computer (Rallyduino)
Rallyduino computer with VDO and Terratrip

In Progress:
Conversion to fully sequential injection and ignition.
We are slowly fitting out the car with a latest gen sequential fuel and ignition system. This will be based around the open source Megasquirt 3 processor and will allow individual cylinder trim as well as coil on plugs for by-cylinder timing. It will also utilise a full time wideband O2 for accurate closed loop operation
As of 17/8, this conversion is about half way through with cam and crank sensors fitted, a wideband sensor/controller installed and the injection manifold fabricated. Still to do is the addition of a high pressure fuel line, pump setup and, of course, ECU programming.

Plans for the future include:

  • Drive by wire throttle
  • Traction control (VSS + Ignition based)
  • Launch control
  • ECU controlled supercharger
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