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Glennji's Jeep

The Car

It's an '02 Jeep Cherokee (KJ), black with leather-trim and too many gadgets for a car with a reputation for dodgy electrics -- power windows, electric seats, a CD stacker and VFD (display) in the centre above the windscreen. My first car! (I have admittedly owned -- and broken -- two motorcycles. Hopefully 4WD'ing will be kinder.)

The petrol-guzzling V6 makes a dent in the wallet every 400-and-something klicks, but at least it has some get up and go -- sure, the CRD (diesel) has more torque, but where's the dignity in crawling across the line when the lights change? For someone used to the near-instant "twist, pray, fly" of a Kawasaki Ninja, the V6 is an expensive but decent compromise.

Of course, if I could just get the purchase order approved for a Ducati SC1000R...

Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) on Wikipedia

The Plan

As a Java developer and love-you-longtime Linux otaku, I've naturally dabbled in a little Android coding. Google's opensource OS for mobiles (and now tablets) features a honest-to-FSM Linux kernel, real multitasking and a Java-based platform. Better yet, a few cheap Android-based tablets are finally beginning to appear.

What I want to do is get a cheap (~$150) Android tablet, integrate it into the dash and write some code.

Hardware would thus be:

  • Cheap hackable Android tablet (with USB host)
  • OBDII connector (USB or bluetooth)
  • GPS (built-in or USB)
  • Wifi (built-in)
  • 3G (built-in or USB)
  • Bluetooth (built-in)
  • Radio?
  • CB-radio?
  • Something to implement the steering-wheel controls? Arduino?
  • Reversing camera? (webcam?)
  • iPod dock? (Doesn't everything have an iPod dock these days?)

Some of the cool stuff I could do:

  • Media player
  • Telemetry (ODBII & accelerometer)
  • Car stereo with integrated hands-free:
    • Automatic pause media on incoming call
    • TTS to read out messages from selected contacts
    • VOIP-over-3G, just to p*ss off the telcos...
  • Context- and location-sensitive stuff:
    • petrol station recommendations ("I think you need fuel, Dave")
    • Automatic notifications via SMS, IM, email ("On my way!")
    • Home-automation integration: garage door
  • War-driving and stompboxing
  • Theft-avoidance/reporting with camera and kill-switch ("lowjack")
  • ... more?

The Build

(Nothing yet!)

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